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Easy & flexible business delivery solutions.

The modern way for businesses to transport goods anytime, anywhere.

On-demand delivery for your business

It's as easy as calling an Uber. Muve-It’s easy-to-use app offers on-demand delivery services that matches available cargo van and truck drivers with available delivery loads. This ensures your customers get the equipment and supplies they need, when and where they need them.


You can even have product picked up at a supplier’s warehouse and delivered to your customer without ever leaving your desk!

All of your delivery trucks out for the day?


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Want to learn more?

Check out our FAQ and resources below for everything you need to get started earning with Muve-It!

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Why use Muve-It?


Save on the capital, maintenance and salary costs of maintaining your own delivery truck and drivers. This annual cost burden can reach $100K+ per vehicle and driver for the average business!


Serve your customers, better. With Muve-It, you can offer customers a reliable 24/7 delivery service with no financial outlay.


With our no commitment model, you can supplement your existing delivery service by flexibly adding capacity when it’s needed most!


Get reports that show a history of delivery transactions for easy mark-up, accounting and bill back.

How Muve-It can help

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