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1. I receive promotions and discounts for fares with MUVE-IT. How do I use them?

Discounts will automatically be applied to your next haul. Once applied it will automatically be removed from your in fare. If there is an expiration date, it will automatically be removed from your fare.

2. Can I share any of my discounts with a friend?

Discounts and promotions are not transferable.

3. I can no longer seem to use my MUVE-IT account, why?

Check your account status for any suspension then contact MUVE-IT support via email at:

4. How will MUVE-IT use my data?

Your data will not be shared with any outside or 3rd party.  Data is used solely for the purposes of setting up and delivering our service.  You can find more information on how MUVE-IT Inc. will use your data on our Privacy Overview page, linked below.

To submit requests regarding MUVE-IT Inc.’s use of your personal data email us:

5. If a driver does not show up when the app says that should, who should I contact?

If you cannot locate your driver when they have notified you they have arrived use in-app communication to contact each other.


6. Do I need insurance coverage to hire a MUVE-IT hauler? 

You do not.


7. Will the driver bring my delivery inside my residence?

Muve-it Haulers are not permitted in customer homes.


8. Am I required to assist the driver with loading or unloading?

If you have selected a single driver you are required to assist driver in the loading or unloading of your cargo.

9. Is there an optimal time of day to call for a MUVE-IT driver?

Muve-it is an on-demand application. Service calls after 10pm will have will have a premium attached to reflect night time service calls.

10. How do I pay my MUVE-IT driver?

Since you entered a valid credit card when signing up, cash is not required.


11. Am I allowed to tip my MUVE-IT driver?

You are allowed to tip your driver. Your tip will also impact your drivers Key Performance Indicators (KPI).


12. I live in an apartment building, where will the driver drop my delivery? 

MUVE-IT provides curb side service and will meet you at designated area outside.



For your own Health and Safety, and to prevent any injury, we suggest using  Proper Lifting Technique when assisting a Hauler with your cargo:

  • Keep a wide base of support. ...

  • Squat down, bending at the hips and knees only. ...

  • Keep good posture. ...

  • Slowly lift by straightening your hips and knees (not your back). ...

  • Hold the load as close to your body as possible, at the level of your belly button.

If you have any further questions regarding MUVE-IT,

please contact Customer Support via email at

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