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1. Why can I not stay logged into my MUVE-IT account when I’m not driving?

The MUVE-IT app shows all active drivers. If you remain logged in while not actively hauling, service calls will be pushed to you, taking calls and time away from other active on-call drivers.  This also unnecessarily prolongs our dispatch algorithm and extends the time it will take for the app to find an “In Service” driver and respond to our customers.


2.  If I'm blocked on my account when can I get back in?

MUVE-IT will typically review a blocked account within 48 hours. Once your account is reviewed and cleared a notification email will be sent informing you of the change in status.


3. I changed my phone number. How do I update it with MUVE-IT?

You can change your phone number with MUVE-IT by contacting customer service. Once they have authenticated you and your account, they will update your phone number then forward a confirmation email to the email address on file.

4.  How do I delete my MUVE-IT account?

To delete your MUVE-IT account, you initiate the process from the Settings menu within your app.  This will open a support ticket and customer service rep will contact you to authenticate and verify deletion, and then complete your request.

5. How long does it take for customer service to respond to my request?

Customer Service will address all incoming messages within 24 hours.

6. I have multiple trucks and vans, why can't I link them all together on one account?

An owner of multiple vehicles can put them in Service as a “Fleet”.  Earning from all registered vehicle/driver combination under that fleet will be deposited into one bank account.  “Fleet” accounts allows you to register multiple driver/vehicle profiles under a single Fleet owner.


Our current Fleet registration process requires that a named Driver is registered with a specific vehicle ( 1 to 1) for purpose of Customer Service. Customers expect the exact driver and vehicle/license plate profile to show up and deliver service, as was selected when they confirmed the job.

Customers can cancel a service call if the driver profile and license plate/vehicle combination the arrive do not match the profile from their confirmation.


7. I already created a MUVE-IT account. Can I have a family member drive for me?

To have a family member Drive your vehicle they must also register as a Driver and you must upgrade your Individual account to Fleet.  Only registered drivers are permitted to be present at any time during the act of completing and “Individual” Service Call.  If you have created an “Individual” Driver account you are not permitted to have anyone drive or assist with service.

8. What if I show up with a vehicle not registered with MUVE-IT?

Only vehicles registered with MUVE-IT may be used on service calls. Muve-it will document and report any incident and your account will be suspended till further notice. Customers expect service to be delivered in the vehicle that was selected upon confirmation of their request.  Note: The customer can opt to cancel the service if the vehicle and/or driver profiles do not match the selected service confirmation.

9. How new must a vehicle be, to be used on the MUVE-IT platform?

Vehicles must be less than 10 years old or approved by MUVE-IT.


10. How do I link all my trucks and vans my account?

Only one vehicle per account is allowed under a single driver platform. Two or more drivers, driving separate vehicles, can register under Fleet. In Fleet one driver is made the Fleet owner and the other driver a member of that Fleet. 

11. I can’t seem to use my MUVE-IT account, why?

Check your account status for any suspension then contact Customer Support via email at


12. How will MUVE-IT use my data?

Your data will not be shared with any outside or 3rd party.  Data is used solely for the purposes of setting up and delivering our service.  You can find more information on how MUVE-IT Inc. will use your data on our Privacy Overview page, linked below.


13. How can I submit requests to MUVE-IT regarding my personal data?

To submit requests regarding MUVE-IT Inc.’s use of your personal data email us:


14. How do I track my Key Performance Indicators? (KPI’s)

KPI’s are tracked internally through the app and can be accessed at any time.


15. How can I find any current trip details and past trip details?

Trip details for deliveries completed on Muve-it will only be available through the MUVE-IT Inc. app. Trip details are retained for the duration of the pay cycle, and are then removed.


16. When can I expect see my money from completed trips?

Pay periods are weekly, and begin every Sunday at 4am. Direct deposits will be made to your account 2 days later (Tuesday). Timing may vary slightly depending on your banking institution and its direct deposit policies.


17. When I get paid, what period is being paid out?

Our pay cycle is 7 days.  Currently payments made every Tuesday will consist to all service calls completed the previous week.


18. Who is responsible for paying my income tax?

As contractors, driver account owners are responsible for paying income taxes. All earning payments made to you by MUVE-IT include applicable taxes. You are responsible for reporting, being accountable and paying amounts owed to your governing authorities.


19. I am not eligible to deliver on the MUVE-IT Inc. platform. Can I reapply at a later time?

If you are not eligible to work with MUVE-IT Inc. - you may re-apply once you are qualified. Continue to 

check back to see if you meet our requirements. Once approved you will be notified.


20. I forgot my password, how do I get back in?

You only have 10 attempts at logging in, you will be warned of a potential lock-out when you have 2 attempts remaining. If you are unsuccessful, you will be locked out.


You can reset your account or contact customer service via email for verification to reactivate it. 

Customer Support can unlock and open your account for you to reset your password.


21. Do I require special insurance to drive for MUVE-IT?

All registered Drivers and vehicles are required to be insured and provide proof of current/valid automobile insurance in accordance  with the laws of the territory they are driving.

This insurance at minimum will include:


- Third-Party Liability 

- Direct Compensation Property Damage

- Collision coverage

- Comprehensive coverage 

22. As a hauler, am I required/allowed to enter someone’s residence to pick up an item?

As a hauler you are not required to enter a person’s residence.  The MUVE-IT service is a “point to point” “door to door” offering an does not include any inside pickup or drop-off.


23. How much weight am I expected to be able to lift as a Hauler?

Following all proper lifting techniques- below -. Haulers must have the ability to safely lift/maneuver up to 150lbs.

  • Keep a wide base of support. ...

  • Squat down, bending at the hips and knees only. ...

  • Keep good posture. ...

  • Slowly lift by straightening your hips and knees (not your back). ...

  • Hold the load as close to your body as possible, at the level of your belly button.

24. What happens if I am unable to lift or load the cargo for the user?

If as an individual hauler you are unable to manage the cargo the customer is expected to assist (or have someone present who can assist) with the act of loading/unloading the cargo into your vehicle.  Customers are expected to make the appropriate selection (Individual or Team) when setting up a Service call if their cargo will require more than 1x person to load/unload and they are not able to provide assistance.

If an assistant is required and not available then the Driver can cancel their service within the app by following the “Cancel” procedure which include taking images of cargo, selecting the appropriate service call breach then submit in-app to MUVE-IT before canceling call.


25. What equipment/tools am I required to have as a Hauler?

As a hauler you are required to have a minimum of two ratchet straps, two bungee chords, a 10x10 tarp, and a moving blanket.


26. If I am involved in an accident or fender-bender in the process of delivering, what should I do?

After ensuring all individual involved in incident are safe, pause the Service call. Ensure, the appropriate authorities have been notified of your incident and use the in-app prompts to notify MUVE-IT and request transfer service call.

27. What documents are required to be a MUVE-IT Hauler?

To become a MUVE-IT Hauler you need to have:

  • a valid Drivers License 

  • valid Automobile insurance for the vehicle you will be driving 

  • Vehicle ownership for the vehicle you will be driving 

  • a clean criminal back ground check (while we ramp up MUVE-IT will be covering the cost for applicants to acquire this in the foreseeable future)


28. Will the MUVE-IT app show me the route to my destination, or should I be using another  GPS app?

Yes. The MUVE-IT app will aid in navigating you to the destination through integration of a 3rd party solution.


29. If I arrive at the destination and no one is there, what should I do?

If your customer has selected “Unattended Drop Off”. Drop off cargo to designated area outside as per in app client instructions. If the Customer is following and is not yet on-site use in-app communication to notify client you have arrived at drop off location. If the customer is unresponsive and you have waited the predetermined time follow drop-off procedure and close out the Service Call.



If you have any further questions regarding Muve-it

Please contact Customer Support via email at

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